Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Times: Monki and Cos are now online!

I've been ridiculously busy the last few weeks, so I didn't even get to tell you how excited I am that Monki and Cos both decided to finally open an online shop! I never understood why Essen got to have their own Monki shop and Berlin got left in the cold. I mean seriously... Essen?! From now on though, I will never bitterly mention the not-so-lovely city of Essen again, as I too have my own Monki store :]

I am absolutely in love with these black leather shorts. They would look amazing with some warm tights and a pretty blouse in winter. They also have a great selection of basic tank tops and some lovely, vintage inspired dresses. Don't forget their accessories either, as they have some cute hair bands and pins. Although, my favourite is the silver coloured cuff.

As for Cos, I have to admit I was never really crazy about the brand. A couple of years ago, I stepped into their store in Berlin and was really disappointed. I completely ignored every Cos store I passed ever since. Big mistake! I got lured into the Cos store on Calle Claudio Coello in Madrid this summer and had a complete change of heart :) They have beautiful, clean-cut dresses, warm pullovers and pretty accessories.

Isn't the dress just stunning? It's beautifully structured and very minimal, but the hood just ads a little playfulness to it. Cos too, has a great range of accessories. The long, leather gloves are ideal for winter, but are just a tad more stylish than your usual leather glove. The golden cuff is one of my favourites and I really think I need one for both wrists. I know it's kind of similar to the one from the Monki store pictures above and I know H&M's already had them in store last winter, but I still love them :]

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  1. If only i could take a plane and have one day of shopping in Berlin! I always find through the internet or tv the coolest stores in there!


  2. I love the monochrome designs of these brands, punctuated with metallic accessories :) Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo, Veena

  3. Love the cuffs! I've had my heart set on finding some vintage ones :)


  4. love seeing illustration mixed with fashion world


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